The market trend of aluminum industry in China
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The market trend of aluminum industry in China   classification:Company News  Release:2016/8/25 15:15:00
In recent years, aluminum market competition is becoming increasingly fierce, many companies started the endless price war, do the short term may attract a part of market resources, but it''''s definitely not a permanent solution. Now what pay attention to the sustainable development of enterprises, is also the reason. Therefore, the product will be connected to support, and then expand the product channels, in order to truly improve the level of sales. From the development trend of industrial aluminum fittings, industrial aluminum profile accessories have the following characteristics:First, the size of the expansion trend of manufacturers and industry vertical integration trend accelerated, a small number of high-quality enterprises to grow rapidly becoming the dominant force in the future market competition;Two is the scale, technology, brand, management and service based enterprise comprehensive competitive ability is increasingly important;Three is due to the industrial aluminum fittings industry relative to other industries, the degree of product differentiation is smaller, so the cost of competition in the future is still the key factor in the market competition;Four is the economically developed areas will continue to maintain a large and active consumer demand for aluminum profiles, which is conducive to the development and growth of the region''''s dominant enterprises in the region;Finally, the pace of domestic enterprises to enter the international market will be further accelerated, especially in coastal areas have a better international market development of large enterprises, the export volume is expected to maintain a rapid growth.As China is in the middle stage of industrialization, the current industrial aluminum profile parts for the construction industry, the construction industry, the proportion of industrial aluminum consumption of all aluminum consumption is far below the developed countries. With the advance of China''''s industrialization process, transportation, electronics and other industries for aluminum industry accessories demand must be a rising trend, in the consumption structure of industrial aluminum profiles, aluminum industry accessories consumption ratio will continue to rise.

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