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Guoyao aluminum:machine substitutions pattern has been set   classification:Company News  Release:2016/8/25 15:17:00
With machine substitution tide in the rise of global, Dongguan many automation equipment companies fear of falling behind, increase the investment in research and development, transition to the robot research and development based on artificial intelligence programming. The future of these enterprises is the idea of the robot and mobile robots for the entire production line of the plant, to the real "no factory" close.Now the high labor cost, hire more and more difficult, the first through the "three to fill a" labor intensive type industry development up Dongguan, has become the first encountered the problem, but also the first to start the transformation and upgrading to solve growing pains. " After substitution machine, production from feeding, manufacturing, material full realization of automated production, production process cut nearly half, parameters of the equipment of the production line is more stable, enterprise to find competitive advantage.

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