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Robot with wonderful functions   classification:Company News  Release:2016/8/25 15:11:00
Robot for inspectionHow do you do when you have a date? "Kaori-chan" the beauty of the robot design purpose is to tell users whether they have a breath. According to its designers, he designed the robot''''s original purpose is to reduce the 2011 earthquake in eastern Japan after people''''s anxiety.Save the ice special robotSouth Korea, a science and technology company called Eagles Hanwha came up with a wonderful idea, for those who do not have enough to support the scene of the baseball team developed a robot audience. These robots can be in the stands for refueling, singing and performing wave, and even remote control. Even more wonderful is that the face of these robots have a screen, you can also put a picture of a real man.This free riding robot relies on manualAfter a while ago in foreign social networking sites burst red hitchhiking robot -- Hitchbot, the robot will not walk on his own, by human goodwill and hitchhiking, before being completed the plan, but the plan ahead of time by the end of the from Boston departure for 2 weeks. Hitchbot misfortune in Philadelphia be man-made destruction and killed.Flying self timerSmart phone accessories manufacturer Orbotix is about to launch a professional self timer robot - SelfieBot. The robot can automatically suspended and stay near the user''''s face and replaced at any time point for users to capture the best from the camera, just do not know robot camera angles to find how.Never lose the robot fingerThe name for the Janken robot has only a function, that is, with the stone scissors cloth games and winning the latter can even up to 100%. Robots will be in a few days in the analysis of human gestures and hand set, and then give the corresponding program so that they always remain invincible. So, the design of this robot is to let his finger always win.

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